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We free you up so you can do what you do best.

Social Media Marketing Management is the effective implementation of Content Marketing, Paid Advertising, and a well-executed marketing strategy.

Quality social media management come from someone who is able to adjust to the changing nature of social media marketing, is a hashtag champion, detects and targets your audience knowledgeably, is detailed and organized, is “search conscious” with everything they create and post, is an app and tool ninja, studies continuously to stay on top of social media trends, is qualified, experienced, honourable, and respected in their community.

Having worked in social media management since 2011 I and my team have seen a massive shift in how successful social media marketing campaigns and strategies are managed. Gone are the days of telling your fans and followers to “buy my stuff, because I said so”. That style of billboard marketing, although still present, is long dead.

Social Media Marketing Management is far and above sharing cute cat photos and the latest mortgage rate or industry-related information (whatever industry you are in); it is personal, inspirational, entertaining, informative, FUN, motivational, transparent, beautiful, clever, transformational, and educational. It doesn’t haven’t to be all of those things at once, but it DOES have to be a combination of elements, brought to the forefront by your stories and effective calls to action.

Tie that together with knowing what you WANT out of social media marketing and you have a winning solution.  Today, consumers are looking to social media marketing more and more on their purchasing journeys. Are you prepared?

Quality social media management provides you with …

  • Social media engagement which is key in today’s social media marketing landscape
  • Extensive brand awareness over and above your current marketing efforts
  • Compelling, interesting, entertaining, thought-provoking, visually interesting image and video content
  • Targeted ad campaigns giving you your desired outcomes
  • Customer service that situates you as a human and not just a big unfeeling corporation

In the end, my team and I free you up so you can do what you do best.

There are several different pricing levels; connect with us for further pricing details.

What our amazing clients are saying:

If you are ready to make a change, consider my services. My team and I have been assisting

small to medium-sized businesses

with their social media marketing needs for ten years.

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