Klassen Marketing Co. helps businesses improve profitability by attracting more ideal customers through brand management, strategy, and done for your digital marketing services.

Successful social media marketing requires strategic planning, focused creativity, and timely execution to be successful. The Klassen Marketing Method is a proven system, designed to help communicate your value to your best customers so your business can grow profitably.


Our mission is to create success for your business using best practices for digital and social media marketing. This includes content marketing and advertising strategies that will help you attract clients and customers resulting in sales and list growth. We work with you to ensure you have strategic marketing strategies in place regarding your target market and how to achieve optimal conversion rates.


The vision of Klassen Marketing Co. is to enable you to market successfully, using the tools at your disposal; empower you with confidence to know “which button to push” encourage you to understand how important it is to keep going, even when you think you’re not making an impact … because you are; and educate you on why this aspect of your overall marketing strategy is so imperative.


We uphold the values of:
Community [introducing and integrating YOU with your community],
Integrity [providing you with services and results based on Best Practices],
Fun [the Know Like and Trust factor begins at levels where people simply like to have fun],
Trust [your trust in me and my team is integral to the process] and
Knowledge [consistent upgrading of skills is paramount in this industry]

What our amazing clients are saying:


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Intentional Content Marketing

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