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Hello, I’m Lorri. I provide intention-based management and strategies for greater reach, results, and ROI for your company.

While social media is a part of our everyday lives, successful social media marketing requires strategic planning, focused creativity, and timely execution to be successful. The mission of Making Sense of Social Media for your business is to help you craft your message, improve your reach, increase brand awareness, and enhance overall customer service and sales from using social media marketing.


My mission is to create success for your business using best practices for digital and social media marketing. This includes email, content and advertising strategies that will help you attract clients and customers resulting in sales. I also work with you to ensure you have strategic business strategies in place regarding your target market and how to achieve optimal conversion rates.


To give you back more time to do what you do best; build and grow your business.


We uphold the values of:
Community [introducing and integrating YOU with your community],
Integrity [providing you with services and results based on Best Practices],
Fun [the Know Like and Trust factor begins at levels where people simply like to have fun],
Trust [your trust in me and my team is integral to the process] and
Knowledge [consistent upgrading of skills is paramount in this industry]


Making Sense of Social Media

implements these success pillars of social media marketing for your business

crafting your message, improving your reach, increasing brand awareness,

and enhancing overall customer service and sales from using social media marketing.

What my amazing clients are saying about me.


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The Making Sense of Social Media Blog

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Customers Run Our Marketing

We’ve all been influenced on social media from consumers, not the marketers. People are more influential than ever, therefore, customers run our marketing!

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