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Stop wasting clicks, start building relationships: KMC’s authentic social connections turn prospects into customers.

Hello, I’m Lorri. At Klassen Marketing Co. we provide social media marketing consulting, training, and strategies for greater reach, results, and ROI for your company.

Would you like more success with your Social Media Marketing?
I am Lorri Klassen of Klassen Marketing Co., and I can help you achieve that! Here is my story.

spread your stories and watch them flourish.

My interest in social media began in 2007 with the discovery of Facebook. I had been hearing a lot of murmuring about it and needed to find out for myself what it was all about, so I signed up. My friends and family thought I was making a mistake as “everyone would know everything about you”…YES, that’s the point! Establishing and growing relationships is truly what it’s all about!

Being the very curious type, it didn’t take me long to wonder what this type of connection and relationship building could do for businesses. Social media marketing has been a functional and advantageous arm of overall marketing strategies for businesses and brands for at least ten years, and in many ways, we are just getting started!

Klassen Marketing Co. was founded in January 2011 when my dabbling in social media became a full-fledged passion and full-time occupation. I have been serving North American based businesses with digital marketing solutions since that time.

Increase Reach Grow Communities Enhance Customer Service

The mission of Klassen Marketing Co. is to build upon the hard work you have already put into your business and give you results with social media marketing and advertising. We creatively craft your story, develop your message, increase brand awareness, improve your reach, grow your community, increase sales and enhance overall customer service from using value-based, intention-based social media marketing and advertising strategies.

Klassen Marketing Co. is a professional, hands-on, social media marketing agency which has been managing content marketing and social advertising campaigns for everything from emerging brands to well-established businesses since 2011.

We work with you to establish, perfect and execute creative, informative, fun, and value-driven social media marketing strategies that give you your desired outcomes; brand awareness, community growth, sales, and customer service are among the most common goals.

You can follow me by subscribing to my YouTube Channel and watch my videos.

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If you are ready to save your time for what you do best, consider our services.

My team and I have been helping businesses

with their social media marketing needs since 2011.



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