Do you want to increase your social media reach? With many different styles and strategies to test, there are benefits to resharing content across your social media channels to improve reach and brand exposure. Be forewarned though, simply resharing with no strategy is a waste of everyone’s time.

Let me show you why resharing can be beneficial to your social media reach.

Resharing others’ content social media can actually benefit your online visibility and increase your reach, according to some statistics. For example, according to, “every time you re-share content on social media, it gets more traffic, which can translate into more conversions, leads, and revenue.”

I would challenge the word every in that statement, however, it is true that resharing can indeed equate to increased reach.

Resharing other people’s content on social media can also potentially cause some issues. If what is being reshared seems like spam to your audience, there could be consequences, such as irritating or even losing you followers, or content being reported.

Here is a best-practices strategy to resharing content in order to maximize your social media reach:

  • Do Your Research
  • Remember, what you are putting out there, my agribusiness friend of the internet, isn’t truly about you; it’s about THEM! We need to remove ourselves from the equation of online marketing and focus on our audience. With some research you can easily reshare quality content.

  • Reshare Content With Tour Take On It
  • Providing your audience with content that fills a need, or solves a problem for your audience is great, but add YOUR take on it. Preface it with a personal example related to the article you’re sharing, provide some stats from your store or farm business, include a quote from the CEO of your company that points back to the theme of the article. Add something of value based on YOUR experience.

  • Only Reshare Content Occasionally
  • As an agency that has produced, and implemented, content strategies for over 12 years, this is our specialty. Resharing content should happen only occasionally. Example: if you typically post 5X per week (20X per month), it would be the recommendation of this agency that no more than 2 of those 20 be a reshare. Original content is always best.

    Here is some food for thought; there is a way to make original content; a video for example; based on information you have gleaned from an outside source. Reference the article, company blog post, or video, in your own recording, adding in any and all elements of necessary information and insight. Always, I repeat always, give credit where credit is due, so while recording be sure to credit the original video accordingly. “I watched video ABC this week and learned this lesson that I’d like to share with you today” as an example.

    As an agricultural business you may not think that you have many personal touches that you can add to your content. Maybe you think this type of content is outside of the scope of your brand or what you offer. I could not disagree more. The ag world is filled with value that goes far beyond which tractor is on sale, or which feed is best.

    The combination of your own excellent original content, plus that of well-researched industry-related content, adds value to your audience, eventually turning them into raving fans and loyal customers (if they aren’t already).

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