Today I want to make you aware of what to expect when hiring a social media professional.

There’s a LOT OF NOISE out there today in this landscape of social media marketers, and a lot of fluff. Not everyone is who they say they are. That’s why I’m shedding some light on this topic today, so you know what to ask for, and what sorts of expectations you can have.

There are many MANY layers to quality social media marketing and management and I encourage you to be aware and do your research/homework.

There ARE a lot of great social media professionals and agencies out there, just be aware of the ones making outrageous promises of something that maybe isn’t even that important (like 10’s or 1000’s of followers).

What you SHOULD and CAN expect are things like:

  • strategies
  • content (and a detailed outline of what that looks like)
  • engagement
  • customer service
  • reporting
  • ads
  • … the list could literally go on and on. Content itself is a HUGE item to “unpack”.

    There are also considerations of overall online marketing:

  • lead generation
  • email marketing
  • webinars (setup & execution
  • and on …

    My biggest caution is to please beware of individuals promising you a huge increase in numbers in a short period of time in terms of followers, likes, subscribers, etc. This is a very big red flag to dig deeper and (more than likely) continue your search for someone respectable and professional.

    I’m just hoping to shed some light into this dark corner is all. I wish for you GREAT success in finding your perfect solution provider!!

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