Are you unsure of how to get organic reach on Facebook?

Stay tuned to the end of this video where I give you four tips for better social media marketing and engagement.

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If you’re still struggling with reach and engagement on Facebook and what it all means, by the end of this video you’ll have four proven steps that will help you achieve better faster and easier Facebook marketing

Hi there, my name is Lorri Klassen I’m the owner and founder of Klassen Marketing Co., and I’ve used this formula for myself and my clients for over eight years now. In my book No Experience Necessary I’ve written about these tactics, among others, to help you move the needle forward with your social media marketing. So, to help you better understand Facebook reach versus engagement I’m going to go through four steps for you that you can use every single day in your Facebook marketing. The first and probably the most important point is about posting content. You want to be posting value based, informational, educational, inspiring, and even fun content. This is the perfect starting point for you to get that engagement train flowing and to get people interacting with one another.

“this will help you get better organic reach”

The second point I want to make today about Facebook reach versus engagement and how this will help you get better organic reach, right now as of May 2019, it’s about posting less frequently! Yes, you heard me right, less frequently! Post higher quality think mini blog, think paragraphs versus sentences. You want to and need your content to be more detailed, that’s what Facebook is looking for and that’s what their algorithm is going to enhance.

The third tip today in the differences between Facebook reach and engagement and how to get better organic Reach is to get people talking to each other. Some posting examples are things like “remember when” or “caption this”. Those are really great examples that will get people talking with each other in the comment section, and that’s what Facebook is after! Plus, the more you make these types of posts and get that engagement train chugging along, the more Facebook is going to show them all of your posts from your page including your promotional ones!

“stop sending people off Facebook “

My fourth and final tip for you today on understanding Facebook reach versus engagement and how to get better organic reach and engagement is to stop sending people off Facebook. People still like posting links to their blog posts, to their YouTube videos, etc. I’m encouraging you today to upload natively to Facebook, and if, and when, you have to post a link put it in the first comment of your post. Create your description, then add an image or video, and then in the first comment of that post put the link that you really need and want people to go to.

I hope these tips made sense of social media for you today!

If you need even more guidance, grab my free PDF download using the link here. Last but definitely not least if you’d like to join a group of business owners and entrepreneurs just like you, I have a Facebook group called making sense of social media where I drop weekly tips and trends and tactics and tools to help make sense of it all for you. That link is also here.

Thank you so much for spending a little bit of time with me today, I really do appreciate it. Until next Friday, have a wonderful week.

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